Friday, April 15, 2011

What is done behind every lacturers during lacture

Hello all friends,
I have captured one video that is just amazing, You will know what is done behind every lacturer during lacture in class, in the following video.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chirag is walking just like mena on college campus-Funniest video in this world

You can see this video,You can see, one of my friend is walking on the college just like mena,(The wife of Peacock)-You must see this one !!!

Ajay and Lalji-catwalking on college campus - Funny Video in college

I have seen, my friends was walking and doing catwalk on college campus,You can see Ajay and Lalji in this video, Though it is short,it is funny.

You must watch this video of my friends making cat walk.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hitesh Soni-Studying in B.E

This is hitesh soni, currently studying in B.E in C.K.Pithawala collage.
this photo was taken in the sant Tulsidas Udhyan in rangavdhut society.We are going to walk at night almost every night and we have taken photo at that time.

About Hitesh soni:
He is very simple boy and always clear minded boy.He do not like girl as much but he believes that friend is more important than Girl-friend.His daddy has an ornament shop and sells golden and silver ornaments in their jewelers and Hitesh is also be a helpful to his father in this working with studying.He is clever boy in study.